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 “ For me the outcome was great; the interest of the children, amazing looks on their faces, unbelievable questions that they came up with. Sharing my story brought a lot of memories back! Despite talking about my own country l also learned about other countries, just like the children in the school, from the new friends that l met at this event. It was a pleasure.” Ayse

“I would love to say big thank you to everyone who was involved in organising this amazing event!! I felt welcomed and looked after at all times, kids behaved very well and showed a lot of interest. I would be more than happy to be involved in a similar event in near future!” Eleonora


“I was really nervous to start, but after the first presentation, I really enjoyed all that was going on in school, really loved the atmosphere and all day, in the end, was nice and interesting. Thank you very much for such opportunity to do something so interesting.” Konstantins

“It was scary in the beginning, but with few words to start it went well. I loved when children were asking questions about places and things related to the slides as well as the teachers being involved and interested in it. It showed at the end that the seminar helped them to get more knowledge about other countries, by the questions written on the small paper.” Aniciley